Writing Tricks to Make Your Kid ‘Best in Class’

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June 30, 2019
Develop a Brand-New Fantastic Attitude on Essay Writing
June 30, 2019

Believe it. You, the child, and I, the Writing Whisperer, are going to take the “pain” and “stress” out of writing and insert the excitement and fun.

So, why even bother? The best reason is that you have unique thoughts and people need to hear them. Think of it: No one in the world has your own personal perspective on basketball, dance, social media, pets, family, and a zillion other things. Thus, no one can express those thoughts better! You are the Einstein of your own viewpoints.

  1. Step one, just shake off any old nutty idea you have about your relationship with writing.
  2. Erase the reel that is running through your brain with damaging negatives: “I can’t write. I have nothing to say. Writing sucks. I’m just not a writer.”
  3. Keep in mind that whatever you did with writing yesterday—now it is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift.

Start fresh with me, your “Writing Whisperer,” and I promise that I’ll have you charging through your essays like a kid wonder. Unstoppable!