Get Your Arms Around Topnotch Writing, Part IV

Writing tips for business professionals
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August 27, 2019
how to write more professionally.
Quality Writing Moves Your Message, But Mistakes Kill It, Part V
August 29, 2019
skills for business writing and professionals

skills for business writing and professionals

  1. Check your references for clarity. Example: The day that Sammy’s dog came back home, he was so happy. (Who was happy—the dog or the boy?)
  2. Choose the correct word. Example: Delilah screamed when she found out that her favorite college excepted her. The word should be “accepted.”
  3. Choose the right pronoun. All of these examples are correct: Between you and me, I cannot keep a secret. This is she. Manny and I ran the race. Send the message to Albert Camus and me.
  4. Don’t overdo commas. Wrong comma: Some of the swimmers, could not compete in water polo. Wrong comma: The teacher held up her hand, because she wanted to make a point to her students. Wrong comma: He majored in communications, or history.
  5. Keep parallel structure in mind. Note when two or more parts of a sentence are similar in meaning but not grammatically similar (parallel). Wrong: She planned to study programming, engineering, and medical scientist. It should say “medical science” to be parallel. Correct: The polarity of candidates makes voters follow clear trends:
  • Mark calendars.
  • Report polls.
  • Deliver results.