Don’t Miss These Inspired and Inspiring Websites!

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June 21, 2019
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June 30, 2019

Here are some very special websites/blogs to check out ASAP:

All kinds of exciting items on jillions of topics. My fave: 25 Parenting Quotes From Famous People, (When you see Jerry Seinfeld’s face, you click on this one and get ready to smile. Who doesn’t love Seinfeld?)

This one intended for “imperfect parents” is visually exciting, and the content covers a wide array of fascinating topics. Click on it and you’ll be a follower

This doctor-led website offers lots of great medical advice that you can trust because doctors supply it and review material. Be sure to check out the blog on parenting a child in the Internet era and pitfalls you can avoid.


With printables, tips, guidelines, and more, this colorful, fun site covers so many bases of parenting it’s incredible. I loved the “Parenting is hard work” blog, and you will, too.