Develop a Brand-New Fantastic Attitude on Essay Writing

Writing Tricks to Make Your Kid ‘Best in Class’
June 30, 2019
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July 6, 2019

Before we get this party started, though, you ask: If writing is so much fun, why do I have to learn stupid comma rules and sentence types? Okay, well put. And here is why. Once you are convinced that you actually do have some pretty interesting things to write, you will not want to let icky little “minus 3 points” irritate you. More important, well-punctuated sentences are clearer. And Lord knows you want to get your message across so the original thinking of YOU can grab and excite your reader(s).

Frankly, this “Best Writer in Class” journey could only be more fun if I were sitting beside you and high-fiving your achievements as you go.

  1. Let me be your muse, your mentor, and your friend-in-writing.
  2. Know that there is no down side.
  3. Celebrate the excitement to come in the fall semester.
  4. No doubt, you can do this—so batter up!

Soon, when you are writing with confidence, happiness, and a sly little smile, you will be proud that you are doing better in all your courses. More important, you will enjoy “getting educated” far more than when you lacked the keys to the castle.

Here’s the truth. Of “writing kids” I’ve taught and tutored, not a single one dislikes writing now. The point is, simply knowing what your English teacher wants and expects makes it easy to deliver. Get the writing hacks etched in your mind, and you’re good to go. You’ll enjoy writing every time you sit down to do it. Make this a wonderful new skill—something you’re really adept at doing.