No More Panic Attacks

Stafford co-authored with Jennifer Shoquist, M.D., to write this book packed with ideas on handling panic attacks and anxiety. In an era of a vocal and very angry society, it is smart to find ways to alleviate all the constant vibes of craziness interfering with your peace of mind.

60,001 Best Baby Names

Baby-name books have been a staple of Diane Stafford’s career, and her fresh approach to this age-old dilemma made some of her books bestsellers. She offers naming tips, do’s and don’ts, and scads of lists based on the special meanings that names have acquired over the decades people have been naming kids. You get to scan 222 lists! No wonder this book made the bestseller list for two years.

1000 Best Job-Hunting Secrets

Coauthoring with freelance writer Moritza Day, Diane Stafford gives people conducting job searches a great jumpstart on the journey that hopefully leads to The Perfect Job. From writing a good resume to nailing a great interview, the authors’ advice will position job-hunters with impressive ammo that can make a big difference.

The New Low-Carb Way of Life

Joining forces with physician Rob Thompson, M.D., Diane Stafford writes a book that gives readers a new approach to losing weight and keeping it off while still eating the foods you love. The program is doable and does not require deprivation. Cut your carbs and feel better.

The Ultimate Baby Names Book

Known as the “baby-name Lady,” Diane Stafford offers lists of names that inspire many parents. Including hundreds of fun lists such as “Bad-to-the-bone Names” and “Beauty Queen Names” and “Names Movie Stars Give Their Babies,” Stafford is the first author to add this fun and fanciful slant to naming babies—a coup that led to huge sales.

The Encyclopedia of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

This compendium of medical information offers everything you need to know about common and not-so-common STDs. Coauthoring with family medicine doctor Jennifer Shoquist, M.D., Diane Stafford approaches a difficult subject with finesse and in-depth information. Readers discover symptoms and treatments—and sexual practices that carry the most risk.

Potty Training for Dummies

If there were ever a time when parents felt like dummies, it would be when they come up against one of life’s biggest challenges—potty-training. This book offers great ideas that work in the real world. You truly can get your child in the (potty) groove minus battles and tears—and even with a sense of empowerment.

40,001 Best Baby Names

Find just the right name for your baby—and take advantage of numerous tips on what not to do in baby naming. With hundreds of new names for your perusal, this book by Diane Stafford offers plenty of entertainment.