Diane Stafford

March 14, 2020

Should Colleges Use SAT and ACT Scores to Reject or Accept Applicants?

College entrance controversy, first generated by last year’s admission scandals, continues to rage. Many college admissions folks in California, in particular, are into the idea of […]
March 14, 2020

‘The Pharmacist’ Explains How Opioids Have Gob-Smacked Americans

Be sure to watch “The Pharmacist,” a new Netflix documentary that offers great insight on why the opioid crisis has hit Americans so hard.  Like most […]
March 14, 2020

Down Memory Lane, PHS Style

Hey, let’s share stories! If you attended Pasadena High in the ‘60s, I’m sure you remember growing up in a small town that once was an enormous strawberry patch.
August 29, 2019
how to write more professionally.

Quality Writing Moves Your Message, But Mistakes Kill It, Part V

Don’t split infinitives. An infinitive is the word “to” with a verb. If you stick something in between the “to” and the verb, you have split […]