8 Ways to Change Your Child’s Blank Pages from Creepers to Chances

Ideas Guaranteed to End Your Child’s Writing Angst
June 21, 2019

Our summer newsletter will be all about the kids. Meanwhile, here are your jobs during your child’s journey to become a writer:

  1. Stop yourself when you want to offer ideas or word choices.
  2. Answer questions but encourage him/her/them to work independently.
  3. Don’t offer critiques, criticism, tips, or advice.
  4. Smile at your child (often and early) while the writing is in progress.
  5. When they/she/he shows you a finished paragraph or essay, say something positive: “I love the way you put so much feeling in it!” “What a perfect adjective you used there!” “How strongly you feel about this subject—wow, impressive!”
  6. Create a no-stress, no-yell, and no-fight zone.
  7. Think of yourself as the proud parent of a youngster soon-to-be-a-happy-writer. Simple as that.
  8. If you need to offer a small bribe for finishing, bribe away! You’ve done it for other hurdles in your child’s life, and this is one of the most important of all.