5 Tips for Better Business Writing

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August 11, 2019
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Better Business Writing

August 16, 2019

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5 Tips for Better Business Writing


Say what? Say it right. Communicate in texts and emails in ways that make your meaning clear—and show that you are “articulate” online and on paper.


  1. Be sure you don’t sound curt or abrupt. This happens all the time in electronic communications. In an effort to be brief and fast, you sound like you’re mad at the end receiver. So, reread and eliminate the snippy stuff.
  2. Don’t be fancy. A short word is better than a long one. Why “utilize” when you can say “use”?
  3. Use active voice because it packs more punch. Active voice: The dog bit the boy. Passive voice: The boy was bitten by the dog.
  4. Edit and edit again for clarity. Make your message clear.
  5. Don’t be overly cute with exclamation marks and xxoo. Instead, sign off with “All Best” or “Best Regards” or “Sincerely.”


Stay tuned! Tomorrow you get 5 more tips for better business writing. The next day, you get 5 more. The day after that, 5 more tips will come your way!