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    Your life is about to change. Million-selling book author Diane Stafford has joined forces with tutor/teacher Melissa Mead to deliver Epic Essays in 30 Minutes: Easy Tips for Writing A+ Essays. This zippy guide transports young people from the quagmire of Distance Learning to a lofty head space where they ace everything they write—until readers say, “Wow! I didn’t know you had it in you!”

    Engaging with a friendly, upbeat style, these authors give you keys to writing essays that are 100% successful. You discover what to write, what not to write, and how to turn out the kind of essays you used to envy like crazy. You even get pointers on anxiety management, social media, ADHD symptoms, and electronics “allotment”—ideas designed to empower you as a problem-solver.

    Also on these pages, Diane Stafford and Melissa Mead share insider tips on how you can sail through exams by learning pivotal vocabulary words that lead to high SAT and ACT scores and “5s” on AP exams. Topping off the valuable information, we showcase some winning college entrance essays and explain how to put your personality into your writing. Overall, though, what sets this book apart is how easily it turns shaky writers into confident essayists.

    Epic Essays in 30 Minutes is for you. Snag that A+, and then move on to conquer other challenges. Seriously, there is absolutely no downside to being a swashbuckling wordie.

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    Bestselling author Diane Stafford invites you to submit questions--anything on essay writing, business writing, and freelance writing.

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    NOTE FROM DIANE: Please send me your feedback so I’ll know what YOU want to know about writing… Would you write a memoir of your own? Would you encourage your child to loosen up those writing “muscles” and enjoy essay writing more? I’m dying to hear your thoughts!

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