Key Tips for Writing a Winning College Admissions Essay: What’s Most Important?

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September 18, 2019
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October 20, 2019

When a student writes an essay for college admissions, should it be sentimental, unique, or avant-garde?

“What’s most important is that it’s you,” says Josefine Borrmann, owner of Strive to Learn tutoring services in Newport Beach, California. “Don’t make your essay a resume. You can write about something small and give a glimpse of your values. They (college admissions folks) want to get a sense of your personality and your values because this essay is {what they see} in lieu of an interview.”

Do not include activities and accomplishments in a college-admissions essay. That information goes elsewhere in the application. The person reading essays seeks insight on what excites you and what makes you curious. Reiterating offices and clubs and awards in your college essay is a mistake. Instead, Borrmann suggests that you work on building your story because that matters much more than standardized test scores.

Your story is what will get you into that favorite university.

(In future blogs, look for examples of excellent college admissions essays.)

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