Can You Dance? Do You Blog? Either Can Link You to ‘Voices from the Past’

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September 2, 2019
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I’ve been blogging for two months now, and today I celebrate the fact that I actually learned how to do it! Although I’ve been a writer for decades, I found that social media was an unruly animal with strange priorities. Despite that, my blogs have appeared almost daily—and for an ADHD woman, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Blogging-wise, I haven’t pitched anything crazy-world so I have not gone viral—a little-bitty, silly, ridiculous goal I had in my head. Not sure how a person makes that happen when nothing in her blog wheelhouse smacks of mayhem, murder, or politics.

However! Melissa Mead, my coauthor, and I did go a little nuts during a photo shoot and made a dancey video with Molly, Joaquin, and Liliana, but we haven’t found anyone tech-savvy enough (yet) to launch it into cyber-land. Anyway, when you see these dance moves one day soon, I think you’ll agree that we’re almost as good as Julia Louis-Dreyfus, whose unique gyrations in the famous “Seinfeld” episode are revisited by millions on YouTube.

Our dance group—well, we’re definitely not good-life-apologists. Instead, we project genuine, full-tilt joie de vivre. Our point is that in this world you’ll see as many different writing styles as dancing styles, and a few could use a little “remediation.”

Especially interesting about blogging, by the way, is the feedback I’ve gotten from sending out newsletters to my email list. I heard from an assortment of “voices from the past,” including some of my excellent, adorable former students at South Houston High School in Texas; terrific coworkers from my magazine years, Houston Health & Fitness Magazine, Home & Garden Magazine, Houston City Magazine.  Also, I’ve heard from people who supported me along the way—and there have been loving notes from college sorority sisters and high school friends. I even rediscovered my high school BFF, whom I’ve wondered about so often—what a thrill that was! Just this week I got a call from some Houston friends I hadn’t talked to since moving to California 14 years ago.

These trips down memory lane made me think about the immense joys of life, and high among those was teaching teens to write when I was an English teacher and yearbook and newspaper advisor—and more recently when guest-teaching writing in 5th-grade and 6th-grade classes in Newport Beach, California.

Sharing my love for writing, I have thought about the inspired and inspiring teachers I have known and cherished. Also, I recall the help I’ve gotten during years I have spent writing books—solitary, quiet work that required extraordinary literary agents and intelligent coauthors and collaborators.

The message from my heart is that life flies by so fast—and it is unbelievably gratifying to catch up with people we’ve known and loved—and say thank you. With that in mind, I hope you will reach out to someone with whom you’ve lost touch—and just say hello, I’ve thought about you and wished you well across the years and the miles.

Isn’t this a wonderful life? You don’t need to write a blog to know that no one should be grumbling or ostracizing or name-calling. Right now, today, we can stop all the mean-spiritedness and start allowing others the right to think differently. Don’t be outraged; be outgoing. Don’t vilify dissent; rejoice in freedom of expression. Don’t keep score of others’ mistakes; keep tabs on your own generosities. As my dear Dad used to say, “If you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all.”

My beautiful-soul Mother taught me the Golden Rule. The days, months, years that I followed it have been the best of all, by far.

Re-engage with your Voices from the Past and remember how much every single person we come across truly matters. Dance! And blog! The Voices from the Past will make your day…

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