Diane Stafford, Author

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What I Love About You

When author Diane Stafford got the news that her lifelong friend Karen Brinlee Johnson had been rendered disabled in an operative instant, Stafford decided she must do something to lighten Karen's dark and silent days.
But then came a second surprise that coincided with her friend's tragedy. A relative came forward to reveal scandalous secrets about Stafford's mother. This revised Stafford's entire belief system about her own childhood. On a quest for answers, she learned about her ADHD self as she unfolded the answer we all struggle with--what are we doing on earth? Do we live according to a grand script or is it more like "Man makes plans and God laughs"? At any rate, Stafford finds a way to help her sick friend, come to grips with family secrets, and encourages people to say "here's what I love about you" early and often. It's a book that will make you laugh and cry and go on a mission to find your own true self, the one you were intended to be.

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